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“The damage from your roof leak is not covered” is a statement no agent wants to make and no homeowner wants to hear about their insurance policy. That’s why Total Roof WarrantyTM offers comprehensive, affordable protection designed to prevent and cover your roof repair costs and help avoid interior damage to your home.


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For one low annual payment, you get regular roof inspections, maintenance services, and leak repairs at no additional cost. And, Total Roof WarrantyTM has the highest quality roof repair and maintenance standards in the industry. Our team of company-employed and highly trained technicians will resolve any roof issue, big or small. With Total Roof WarrantyTM the life of your roof will be extended, which will protect your home’s value. Plus, if re-roofing is ever needed, 100% of your warranty payments will be credited towards any and all full or partial replacement costs

Through a qualifying inspection to address deferred maintenance and coverage for repairs and destructive roof leaks, Total Roof WarrantyTM gives you confidence that your home is well protected


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Our team is focused on providing our customers quality service through responsible repairs rather than inefficient, wasteful re-roofing. A typical home has a roof designed to last over 30 years, yet on average rooftops across the U.S. end up in our landfills only halfway through their life cycle. You can help make a difference to the environment by choosing solutions that are designed to maintain the longevity of your rooftop. Since our founding in 1998, the impact of our services can be measured in the millions of pounds in roofing material we have kept out of our landfills. The average home has a rooftop that weighs about 6,000 pounds, you can help reduce this waste by repairing your rooftop instead of re-roofing prematurely.

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