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Our team is focused on providing our customers with quality service through responsible repairs rather than inefficient, wasteful re-roofing. A typical home has a roof designed to last over 30 years, yet on average rooftops across the U.S. end up in our landfills only halfway through their life cycle. You can help make a difference to the environment by choosing solutions that are designed to maintain the longevity of your rooftop. Since our founding in 1998, the impact of our services can be measured in the millions of pounds in roofing material we have kept out of our landfills. The average home has a rooftop that weighs about 6,000 pounds, you can help reduce this waste by repairing your rooftop instead of re-roofing prematurely.


Our innovative approach provides our customers with detailed data about the condition of their rooftops, including comprehensive care solutions designed to cure pre-existing conditions that lead to premature roof failure. As part of our process, we provide our customers with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand roof inspection report, that simplifies the decision to choose repairs over re-roofing. We continuously improve our services by providing up-to-date data about the roof and we take pride in knowing our information helps our customers eliminate waste.


We are dedicated to a customer-first approach. Once our roof repairs are complete, our customers qualify for coverage under our Total Roof Warranty program which is designed to keep our customers protected from destructive water intrusion. We designed our warranty program to provide a solution to our customers that maximizes the useful lifetime of their rooftops. The Total Roof Warranty includes emergency services, on-going service, and credits towards re-roofing when you need it, and not a moment before it’s necessary. By keeping our customers protected from premature failure, we create a win-win between the homeowner and the environment.

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